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Thanks Tim Thompson!

Watch Tim put Spiralfast to the test - see why its the fast and strong wire joiner for fencing, trellis, netting - really anytime you need to join high-tensile wire.

Trentham Estate

Viticulturist | Patrick Murphy

‘We started using Spiralfast to eliminate the use of figure 8 knots and mechanical joiners. Not only are they fast to install and very strong, they reduce the danger of working with high tensile wire’. 


'It's a clever idea, this piece of engineered wire. Apply it by hand to trellis, strain to 300, 400, 500, 600 kilos without problems. The barrel pruner flies through without 'pinging' (breaking) a regular problem with mechanical joiners’.


'We've saved money in joiners, the labour to apply them, and preserve the wire quality by not bending it, effectively compromising its strength. Spiralfast wraps around the trellis wire ends, making a low-profile join that lasts for years and years.'


'Luckily, we found a reusable Australian made wire joiner that is far superior to mechanical joiners often used, and broken, through the daily strains of viticulture'. Spiralfast is inexpensive, strong and safe’.

Brothers Patrick & Anthony were the first grapegrowing-winemaking team from an irrigated Murray region to be nominated for Winemaker of the Year in 2006. Today consistency, quality and value are the hallmarks for Trentham Estate.


Good winemaking starts in the vineyard & the 46 hectares at Trentham Estate are meticulously managed by Viticulturist Patrick Murphy where he & his team have been using Spiralfast for more than 20 years. Here’s Patrick’s story:

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Instructional Video

Forget crimps and mechanical joiners

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Two Rivers

Viticulturist | Brett Keeping

 ‘After trying numerous other wire joiners we found that Spiralfast was best suited to our vineyard applications.


They are quick and easy to apply and give a clean join that doesn’t interfere with machinery or pose a danger to staff'

Since 1988 Two Rivers have specialised in making quality wines from premium grape varietals. Under the watchful eye of award-winning Viticulturist Brett Keeping and his wife Linda, Two Rivers is now among the premier vineyards of the Hunter Valley.


We all know good winemaking starts in the vineyard. and in the upper reaches of the Hunter Valley, the Two Rivers vines are meticulously managed by Brett where they have been using Spiralfast since 1996.

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Independant Review

Thanks Tim Thompson!

Watch Tim put Spiralfast to the test - see why its the fast and strong wire joiner for fencing, trellis, netting - really anytime you need to join high-tensile wire.

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Trigg Industries has been using Spiralfast wire joiners for years due to their strength and durability.


They don't break or damage wire like the mechanical joiners and are essential to making a quality wire join for our vineyard trellis and fences.


Highly recommend this product!



We use Spiralfasts as a trellis wire post tie off. They are fast to install, robust and very strong.


We have been using this product for years and will continue to do so as they are the best on the market and always last the lifetime of the structures we use them on.


Give them a go, you won't be disappointed.



Having fitted 14 of them I am convinced that this is indeed the best method to join and tighten vineyard trellis wires.

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Instructional Video

Fenceline Solutions have used Spiralfast for years.

See this 'how to' video on joining wire!

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