Spiralfast Wire joiners

Using Spiralfast wire joiners...
Step 1

Place the middle of the wire joiner about 5cm (2inches) from the end of the first wire you wish to join.
Wrap in the direction of the spiral until the end of the joiner 'clicks' into place.
When wrapping the joiner onto the wire hold the joiner close to the center to gain more leverage.

Step 2

Poke the end of the second wire into the gap at the center between the wire joiner and the first wire and
push it through so that both wires cross and overlap each other by about 5cm (2inches) at the center.
This overlap at the center is important as it physically prevents the joiners from unwinding.
Now wrap the second end of the joiner onto the wire in the same way as the first.

The end result will be a strong clean join that will hold the full load of the wire itself.

*Note: Always wear protective gloves, eyewear and clothing when working with wire.

Tying wire off at fenceposts...
Wire joiners are useful at terminating the ends of wire at fenceposts.

Using chain strainers with Spiralfast wire joiners...
Spiralfast wire joiners can also be used in conjuction with chain strainers to retension wire.
In this way you can tension and join wires at the same time.

Stay wires...
Using Spiralfast wire joiners for stay wires is easy.

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