Spiralfast Wire joiners

Using chain strainers with Spiralfast wire joiners...

At end posts...
With the chain of the straining tool wrapped around the post pull up the wire to the required tension.
Use a sufficiently long chain or extension so that there is room to apply a tension tie.

Then pull the Spiralfast around the strainer post and wrap the end back onto the wire.

The straining tool is then removed and unlike knots nearly all the tension is retained.
Retensioning the wire is a simple matter of unwinding the wire joiner and retensioning as required.

Along the length of the wire...
Using a chain strainer along the length of the wire follows a similar procedure.
Where the wire is cut wrap one end the joiner onto the wire and place the ends of the chain strainer around the cut and pull the wire together.
Then simply join the other end of the wire and remove the chain strainer.

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