Spiralfast Wire joiners

What are they?
Spiralfast wire joiners are spiral fittings that wrap around wires, joining them together.
They are made of heavily galvanised spring steel wire that is stronger and longer lasting than the wire itself.
The fittings are easily wrapped on by hand.

The joiners come in 4 sizes, that can fit all wire types between 1.80mm (15gauge) through to 4.0mm (8 gauge) in size.

How they work...
The joiners work using a simple principle of physics, as the tension on the wire increases the spiral is pulled tighter, gripping the wire more and more.

This patented method of joining wires does not cut into or weaken the wire in any way.
In fact, when joined correctly the join will be stronger than the breaking point of 2.5mm (12gauge) high tensile wire.

How to use Spiralfast wire joiners...

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